My office has a big, blank wall. It’s the boring background of all my Zoom calls. This wall is in dire need of… something. This is what I built.

February 8th Tech

Late at night on December 16th I launched the new version of This new version is a full redesign and a rewrite. The site was in desperate need of an update, and here’s why.

December 18th 2021 Tech

In this talk I gave a brief overview of my latest project, Roads API. This framework attempts to simplify many aspects of the API development process.

April 21st 2018 Tech

I’ve had a lot of great discussions at API Strat this year and it has inspired me to get back into writing. In this article I want to lay out my thoughts on encouraging public API consumers to use hypermedia.

November 3rd 2017 Tech

In September I attended REST Fest and API World. Here’s a couple of presentations I enjoyed, and links to my own talks.

November 1st 2017 Tech

At API World I spoke about managing change in APIs. In this article you can find a video, my slides, and a link to the conference details.

September 27th 2017 Tech

At REST Fest Greenville I spoke about how Vimeo’s API handles complex video privacy options.

September 16th 2017 Tech