Active projects

  • I am building
  • I am working on a website-based side project
  • I am running multiple groups through Delta Green: Observer Effect

Future projects

  • I would like to build a tool to help manage the complexity of my Sidisi, Brood Tyrant EDH deck
  • I have three API-related writing projects I would like to work on
  • I would like to offer public, transparent web tools for day to day work with APIs
  • I have a search-based website side project I would like to build

Projects on hold

  • I built an API framework called Roads API that runs well, but needs improvement
  • I wrote a Delta Green adventure that needs more playtesting before I release anything
  • I would like to publicly release some of the documents I have created for DnD 5e

Complete projects

  • I set up a system to project movie art onto my office wall
  • I did a deep dive on JSON Hyper-Schema
  • I built the roads web framework
  • I have too many other old projects to list here. You will find some of them on my GitHub.