2020 Movie notes

In 2020 I watched 154 movies, a number I doubt I will break for some time. 121 of those movies were first time watches, leaving only 33 repeats.

Covid significantly disrupted the movie industry this year, leading to the majority of those 121 first time watches being older movies.

My favorite movie of 2020 was Palm Springs, but there were many 2020 releases I did not have time to see. It’s much easier to watch a fun movie with a newborn around than something that requires my full attention.

Special mentions this year for 2020 releases go to Soul and the new Bill and Ted.

But with the strangeness of 2020, I’m going to also give special mentions to a couple of non-2020 movies, Night of the Hunter and Uncut Gems.

Check out my full year in review here, with written reviews for 134 of those movies: https://letterboxd.com/dashron/year/2020

Posted tomovieson1/30/2021

2019 Movie notes

Pushed myself this year to watch and record my thoughts on over 100 first-watch movies.

In the end, I watched 137 movies, 101 of which were first time watches.

Favorites in no order:

  • The Lighthouse – bizzare, wonderful, great acting.
  • Eight Diagram Pole Fighter – new fav martial arts film.
  • Candyman – new fav classic horror

More notes can be found on my letterboxd here.

Posted tomovieson12/31/2020

2018 Movie notes

2018 was the first full year I recorded every movie I watched on letterboxd.com, and I loved every minute of it.

My favorite movie of the year was Eighth Grade, with special mentions deserved for Hereditary and Annihilation.

If you use letterboxd I would love to connect there too. I always enjoy chatting with friends about movies. You can find me at https://letterboxd.com/dashron/

Posted tomovieson1/2/2019