In 2020 I watched 154 movies, a number I doubt I will break for some time. 121 of those movies were first time watches, leaving only 33 repeats.

Covid significantly disrupted the movie industry this year, leading to the majority of those 121 first time watches being older movies.

My favorite movie of 2020 was Palm Springs, but there were many 2020 releases I did not have time to see. It’s much easier to watch a fun movie with a newborn around than something that requires my full attention.

Special mentions this year for 2020 releases go to Soul and the new Bill and Ted.

But with the strangeness of 2020, I’m going to also give special mentions to a couple of non-2020 movies, Night of the Hunter and Uncut Gems.

Check out my full year in review here, with written reviews for 134 of those movies:

January 30th 2021 movies